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People often poke us in the ribs and ask how we choose the songs we play.  Well, thankfully the guys know quite a bit about music, so they’re pretty good at it.  But, if they just played their favourites, there’s a risk we’d miss the mark. Can you help us?

What’s your favourite song? Who’s your favourite artist? Do we play them enough? Is there a song we keep playing that you never want to hear again? We want to know. Genuinely.

Fancy helping? Just let us know.  Then when you turn the radio on, you can smile smugly, knowing that you’ve had in hand in what you hear.  It wouldn’t really be ‘Today’s Best Music Mix’ without you.

Now when you help us to choose the music, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 iTunes voucher.

It won’t take long! Click here to begin the fun.

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