Free Radio Christmas Stars

We’re looking for primary school choirs round here to compete to become our Free Radio Christmas Stars 2014.  

So grab some Santa hats, shovel some mince pies in your face, sing a few rounds of Jingle Bells and get in that Christmas spirit!

The first stage is to just tell us a little bit about your choir, just click the link below to enter.

If you  win the WHOLE competition, you’ll get a very special commemorative green disc, a recording of your winning song and Free Radio will come and host your school disco. HumFree may pop down for a boogie too. He does love to dance.

And to top it all off, we’ll play your winning song on Free Radio on Christmas Day. Lovely.

For terms and conditions click here

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

We’ve picked a few of our festive favourites, created handy little lyric sheets and posted a few videos you can watch.


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