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You know what you like.  We’d like to know.  The music, presenters, competitions. Anything. And, if you’ve a great idea, frankly, we’d like to steal it.

It’s true, though,  mistakes do happen, especially because we are usually live.  Whilst we try to get things right on-air – we’ll sometimes get it wrong.

If you feel we’ve done something wrong, let us know, as we’d like a chance to to put things right where we need to. Drop us a line on the form below and we’ll get back to you if it’s a specific point. (View our complaints process here)

Leave us a message, call us, or write to the boss.

Main Switchboard: 01902 461300
Main On-Air Phone-In: 01902 754123
Travel: 01902 461246

These numbers are charged at local rates.  We don’t earn anything from your call.

87867 (start your message with the word ‘MUSIC‘).

Text messages will be charged at 25p plus your standard network rate. We do get something from this but, in honesty, it’s only just about enough to cover the cost of the number and the posh system we have to use to look at your texts.

Black Country House
Rounds Green Road
B69 2DG

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