Ed Sheeran drops TWO amazing new songs


We were so excited about playing a new song from Ed Sheeran today, so imagine how we felt when he actually dropped not one but TWO brand new tracks this morning.

Ed released ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle On The Hill’, today and they’re both amazing.

Have a listen below.

Ed said: “Hello 2017! I’ve been working hard on the new material and I hope you can be as excited about it as I am.

“I really wanted to show two different sides to my music that I’m equally as passionate about and I just knew I wanted to roll with two songs at the same time. I’m absolutely buzzing to be back.”

Earlier in the week he posted a video of a ‘÷’ symbol against a blue background. Ed’s previous albums have been called ‘+’ (plus) and ‘x’ (multiply), so ‘÷’ (divide) would make sense as the name of his third studio album. How exciting!

You can listen to Ed’s brand new music on Free Radio throughout the day.