Godivajive Vintage & Fusion Blues dance lesson every other Wednesday

July 4 2012, 8:00 pm The Spencer club Earlsdon

"If you can walk you can learn to dance the Blues"

Blues is actually a name for a family of dances, danced to a variety of music styles. All have, as their basic unit, a single step.
This means that there is very little reliance on pattern’s and a great deal of emphasis on creativity and partnership.
Styles of blues we will be teaching is vintage blues and fusion blues which is dance a lot at modern jive. It is a very easy style to learn fast.

Mini Freestyle 8-8.30pm
8.30pm-9.30pm Blues Classes with vintage footwork and fusion blues.
Also some weeks we'll be focusing on footwork that will help with blues and Jive moves.
Freestyle after 9pm witha mixture of music for different dance styles: blues, fusion blues,west coast swing & modern jive etc....

Entry fee:£4.00 per person or
Gender balanced (male & Female)£6.00 per couple

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