Put Free On Three

Find us whenever you like.  Free-set your pre-set!    

Put Free on Three – on your car radio; and at home on your DAB radio – and FM radio too  - if it’s a posh one with buttons.

Here are ten reasons to remember to put Free on Three:

  1.  It rhymes and that’s always fun
  2.  The button is closer than #1 to your steering wheel
  3.  There are three sides to a triangle and triangles are cooler than squares
  4.  It’s the second prime number.  That’s important, according to maths teachers
  5.  It’s associated with cute animals like HumFree, 3 little pigs, 3 Bears and 3 blind mice
  6.  It’s fun to say Free on Three, over and over, try it
  7.  Another word for Three is Trio and they tasted great, whatever happened to them?
  8.  It’s the best number that comes between 2 and 4 we’ve got
  9.  There are three lions on the England football shirts
  10.  Three is the magic number, apparently

Our Street Stars suggested we should reward you if we find you’ve put Free on Three.  We appear to have agreed to that; so watch out for them.