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Remember when playing Snake was the pinnacle of mobile technology? These days you can do practically anything with a mobile even listen to Free Radio.

We’ve combined all our regional Apps into one and added Free Radio 80s. You can check out the latest news and travel round you, listen again to some of our best interviews and call, text and email us all from the App too. We’ve got an Android App that’s got even more features like a built in alarm so you can wake up to us every morning.


If you’ve got an Apple, you can download an App that’ll work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Click HERE to download our brand new Apple App.

If you’ve got an Android device, you can download our App by going to the Google Play store. Click HERE to download our new Android App.

It’s easy to download our app to your phone. If you’ve got an Apple product (like an iPhone, iPad or iPod) you’ll need an iTunes account to download it from the App Store. It’s easy to sign up – you should automatically have an account. For an Android device you’ll download it from the Google Play store which is a similar process.

Remember, whilst our App is free you should be aware that use of it, like all streaming applications, will use some of your data.

Make sure you know if your tariff will cover it or if there’s a limit to how much you can use. You can use Wireless internet too but again check if there are any usage limits. If you have any questions about your data limits contact your mobile or internet service providers.

You can listen loads of other ways too:

Listen online

Listen on DAB

Listen on FM