Holiday Faces with Fresh & Emma


We want to see your best holiday face – but not the one you might be thinking of!

Take Fresh & Emma on holiday with you with our downloadable holiday face masks. Then, we want to see the best, most unique photos you can think of – of you wearing your masks, on holiday!

It could be you holidaying in Egypt standing in front of the pyramids complete with your favourite breakfast show presenters, Fresh & Emma. You might be on the beach in Spain, or even at the top of a mountain enjoying the Best of England’s sights!

Wherever you go, we want to hear about it – so make sure you take a good mask photo, and send it to us here. We’ll show the best ones on our website and on the Fresh & Emma Facebook page.

Be quick too – Fresh & Emma are dying to know which mask is the most popular.

Download your Fresh & Emma holiday face masks here

Download your mask, print it off, and use some scissors to cut it out. There are tabs on the masks too, so you can easily fit them around your head. Simply cut out a strip of paper (length ways) and loop through the tabs.

See the ‘Holiday Faces’ photos so far here