Royal Street Parties

Golden Jubilee Ulster celebrations

Get your best frock on. Invite the neighbours. This is definitely time to bring out the emergency chairs.

Street Parties can be great fun, and are a fab way of getting you closer to folk you live nearest. People who, on a ‘normal’ day, you might just say hello to, can suddenly become your best friend. We make no promises there, of course.

If there was ever an occasion sure to bring the nation together, it will surely be this years Diamond Jubilee.

The good news is that you can get involved ‘officially’ thanks to an initiative called ‘The Big Lunch’, taking place on Sunday, June 3rd.

The fourth annual ‘Big Lunch’ will fall on the same weekend as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. So anyone who would like to celebrate and commemorate the Queen’s 60 year reign can do so by holding a Big Jubilee Lunch! The beauty of The Big Lunch is that people themselves decide everything about their own event. The venue can be wherever you want or have space, the theme whatever you fancy. To get involved and take part in the ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’ – click here

Meanwhile, if you fancy having a ‘street party’ or get-together, here are our top tips for a successful one:

  • Bring food, games, and chairs that can be shared around
  • Make sure the music is not too loud, and that it isn’t on too late or long, and it caters for all tastes
  • Don’t raise money in advance, do a raffle on the day – it’s more fun that way!
  • Borrow, buy or make bunting for decoration
  • Send out a reminder for your party well in advance to encourage maximum attendance
  • After the event, share your photos in your window, street or on websites like Facebook

Remember to close your road for a street party, you need council permission and this can take some time. It’s also a good idea to write to everyone in the street – let them know when and where and judging on response you can decide whether or not to go ahead!

If you’re planning on any kind of celebration for the Diamond Jubilee, we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line – and add a comment below…