Mini Jo & Sparky


Setting yourself free is nothing new to Mini Jo & Sparky.

They have freely been giving their opinion on the air waves for over a year now.

The miniature versions of Jo & Sparky arn’t shy when it comes to saying it how it is… and off course offering constructive advise! With a combined age of 18 how could they possibly be wrong?

Mini Jo & Sparky on a Mom with a ‘Kid Problem’:

Mini Jo & Sparky on Soap Deaths

What do Mini Jo & Sparky make of Wills & Kate’s nudist beach house?

What do Mini Jo & Sparky make of April Fools Day?

Listen to some classic Mini Jo & Sparky advice on a lost engagement ring, here:

If you have a problem, that you think needs the input of our wise 8 & 10 year olds…drop us a line.

You can hear Mini Jo & Sparky every week day at 4.40 & 6.40.