Airport Staff to Strike?


Staff at Birmingham Airport could take strike action in a row over pay.

The Unite union are preparing to ballot their staff on industrial action, which could take place over the half-term break towards the end of October.

They are angry that staff at the airport have been offered a 2.5% pay-rise, along with a one-off £150 payment.

Union representative Pete Coulson believes that staff deserve better, following three years of pay freezes:

“It is not just their pay that has been affected: their working conditions have been altered; their pensions have been reduced.

“What really tops it off is that the Chief Executive made a public statement in June, stating that the airport has had its best growth in more than three years, and passenger numbers are up 6%”

Unite represent more than 200 staff members at the airport, primarily in security and engineering.

However, the airport insist that any strike action will not affect people’s holidays.

Chief Executive Paul Kehoe told Free Radio that they have enough members of staff to cope, even if the walkout goes ahead:

“117 people out of 500 who work for the airport company have voted against the pay offer.

“There are 6,000 people here at the airport; it requires significantly more than 1117 people to walk out before the airport stops operating.”

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