Ambulance Hub for Coventry


Big changes to ambulance stations in Coventry and Warwickshire are taking another step forward.

West Midlands Ambulance Service are currently closing down nine stations across Coventry and Warwickshire to save money.

They are replacing them with twenty smaller stations by next April, which will still cover the same areas as well as new ones.

It is costing 9.6 million pounds – but the service hopes to make this money back in the next ten years because the old stations costs so much more to run.

The latest announcement is the location of a new ambulance hub in Ibstock Road in Coventry – this will be where ambulances go for maintenance and where medical equipment and resources will be stored.

Another hub will also open in Warwickshire, although the exact location is yet to be announced.

Ambulance spokesman Chris Kowalik said: “When people hear about closures there will be fears that there will be no ambulance services in their area – but where there was nine stations now there will be twenty.

“We need to have good, low maintenance, low cost but high quality places for our staff and our vehicles. This will come at the expense of the big, cumberson and expensive old ambulance stations that we currently have.

“This means we can get to you more quickly and providing a better quality of treatment. We’re up-skilling out staff to higher levels so they can do more than just pick you up and dump you at A&E.”

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