Another Car Set Alight

Chuckleys (1)

At least 15 cars have been set on fire in part of Telford in the last two weeks.

Another car has been set on fire in part of Telford – meaning there have been at least fifteen arson attacks on vehicles  in the last two weeks.

This latest one happened in Chockleys Meadow in Leegomery just before 5am (Tues, April 10th).

Six cars were set on fire in Crescent Road, Hurleybrook Way and Acacia Drive on Friday. Even more were set alight the week before.

Last month, five people were arrested and bailed.

Police say there is no substance to rumours the arson attacks are racially motivated, but admit they could be being carried out by copy-cats.

Superintendent Amanda Blakeman said: “We have no evidence to suggest the series of car arsons over recent weeks is racially motivated – the victims come from a mix of ethnic backgrounds, including white British, and we believe the arsons are being started randomly.

“We are more concerned that there may be copycat incidents occurring and I want anyone involved or thinking about getting involved to know that we will work tirelessly to find all those responsible and they will be put before the courts.

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