ATM Robbers Jailed


A West Midlands gang have been jailed for 24 years

The gang of circular saw-wielding thieves attacked supermarket ATMs across the country, bagging almost £700,000 in cash.

Noel Reilly, David Holmes, Darren Buckley and Simon Phillips targeted 32 Co-Op stores – from Devon to Kent, Lincoln and the Midlands – over the space of exactly 12 months.

The quartet also carried out numerous burglaries in which high-performance cars were targeted and used to quickly escape the scene of their cash-point raids…often at speeds of up to 150mph.

Detectives from West Midlands Police’s Serious Acquisitive Crime (SAC) team led a nationwide hunt for the men following early-hours break-ins at Co-Op stores in Knowle at 3.15am on June 3 and Quinton just 20 minutes later.

All four men admitted conspiracy to burgle commercial premises and residential homes – and at Birmingham Crown Court today (Sept 17) they were jailed for a total of 24 years and seven months.

West Midlands Police Inspector Warren Hines, whose team took over the enquiry in May last year, said: “These offences were clearly well rehearsed and, in some cases, committed very efficiently in just a matter of minutes.

“They used petrol-powered disc cutters to hack into the cash points; it’s estimated the full toll of their exploits, taking into account the cash and cars stolen plus the damage to ATM machines, approached almost one million pounds.

“The group were being sought by several forces across the UK but West Midlands Police’s specialist SAC team took on the enquiry…we quickly established the likely offenders and through a significant covert operation caught two of the men red handed and secured overwhelming DNA evidence against all four.

“They thought they were untouchable…we proved them wrong.”

The men first struck at a Co-Op in Maidstone, Kent, on November 2 2010 and sent sparks flying as they sliced into its ATM and removed cash trays.

They escaped with £19,250…but would go on to pocket a total of £684,210 during their 33 early morning raids.

All but one of the break-ins were at Co-Op stores – including in Parkhall, Walsall, on September 3 and Northfield on 16 September – with the other being a Total garage in Redditch on 12 May when the same tactics yielded £33,700.

At all four West Midlands stores they fled empty handed after security devices, triggered by the break-in, released smoke into the stores.

Insp Hines, added: “To aid their getaways they stole an enviable array of high-powered cars, including several Audi RS Models, BMW M3 and Astra VXR, and would regularly swap cloned number plates on the vehicles.

“They always carried out recces of their target stores in the days before the burglary; Reilly and Holmes were caught on CCTV at the store entrance before their final job in Co-Op Bridport and can be seen trying to obscure their faces with their hands.

“They narrowly evaded capture speeding away from some of their burglaries but, with the compelling DNA evidence recovered from abandoned vehicles and a dedicated police team on their tail, it was only as matter of time before their luck ran out.”

All four men are subject to ongoing court action under the Proceeds of Crime Act where any assets found to have been obtained through illegal means will be seized.


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