Brum Animal Testing Protest

Around 4m animals are killed in the UK each year as part of animal testing

Hundreds of people will protest in Birmingham on Saturday 28th April against vivisection.

The World Day for Animals in Laboratories comes to Birmingham for the first time ever – the demonstration has never been held outside of London or Manchester (in the video below).

At least 600 activists are expected to take part in a march that will begin and end at Victoria Square.

Their campaigners believe that animal testing for medicines is both ethically wrong, and not particularly effective.

Dean Bracher is from Birmingham Animal Action helped organised the event, and says the scientific reasoning is not sound:

“If you are a rat or chimpanzee in a cage, you will be living in fear so will not give the right, consistent, reliable results for medical tests.

“Whereas, if you can grow a cell in a culture, that is going to be consistent.

“Adverse drug reaction is what puts people in hospital the most, behind cancers, heart disease and strokes; so even the drugs that were safe on animals go onto the market, and are not safe on humans.”

A Freedom of Information request made by Birmingham Animal Action in March revealed that 46,000 animals are killed in tests each year at the University of Birmingham.

Of that number, 41,000 are mice, with the remainder consisting of rats, birds, and some lizards.

The University responded by saying that the animal testing is only performed by academic staff, rather than undergraduates, and provided this statement:

“The University of Birmingham is involved in research and in the development of drugs and medical technologies to help in the fight against life threatening and debilitating diseases and to improve health care.

“In some circumstances this work involves the use of animals.

“This work is carefully regulated by the Home Office and is only permitted when there is no alternative research technique and the expected benefits outweigh any possible adverse effects.

“The University will always ensure that the suffering of any animals used is minimised.”

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