Demand for Coventry Olympic Rings

Coventry Olympic Rings

Find out about the plan to get Coventry’s Olympic Rings back.

The iconic symbol of the Olympic Games stood over the roundabout by The Ricoh Arena all through the Summer.

But after Coventry’s Olympic Football matches were over Council bosses were soon ordered to take them down by Olympic organisers.

The fear was the rings could fall into disrepair and make the Olympics as a whole look bad.

But now Council bosses plan to appeal to bring them back.

“You can’t get a bigger testament to the sporting history of a city than for it to be know as a host city for the Olympic Games.”

Council Leader John Mutton said: “The last thing we would want is for them to turn into turn into some rusty pieces of metal that look tatty.

“We want to promote Coventry as an Olympic host city and that does mean keeping them in perfect condition.”

Coventry has so far been allowed a few smaller mementos to remember the Games by – including a Paralympic Lantern that the council plans to put on public display.

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