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Here’s our guide to some of your options after A-Levels including how to get a uni place through clearing.

Not getting the exam results you wanted doesn’t have to be the end of it all. Many students go on to be successful even if they did not achieve the results they require.

It also doesn’t mean you won’t get a place at University too! Many students can apply for a number of places through ‘clearing’ or accept second and third choice offers.



Researchers claim that nearly half of teenagers don’t understand how the clearing system works. Birmingham City University have produced a series of guides to show you how.

It’s worth checking if the institution is willing to confirm your place anyway, especially if you only just missed the grades.

You can use the ‘Track’ service to see whether your place is confirmed. If you only narrowly missed the conditions of your offer, ring the university.

Track allows you to check how your university applications are progressing. To access it, you’ll need your UCAS Personal ID number and a Track username and password. These will be the same username and password you used to apply to UCAS.


What if you did better than expected?

If you not only meet all the conditions of your firm choice, but also exceed them (for example, by getting higher A level grades than you need), you can use the UCAS ‘Adjustment’ service.

‘Adjustment’ gives you a short time to search for other courses while holding on to your original, confirmed place.


Fancy a gap year?

Before deciding to take a year out, be sure to check out your plans with the admissions tutor of your chosen course.

If you decide to go ahead, options include doing voluntary work, working abroad and taking a course.


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