Family of Luke Walker Fly Out For Trial

Luke Walker

Family of Brierley Hill man, accused of killing his girlfriend in Greece, prepare for the start of his trial.

The family of Black Country murder suspect Luke Walker have spoken to Free Radio of their two-year nightmare ahead of the start of his trial next month.

The 24-year-old from Brierley Hill, is charged with killing his 20-year-old girlfriend Chelsea Hyndman, from Yorkshire, while they were on holiday in Malia, Crete, in 2010.

Greek police believe she died from a punch to the stomach, however Luke has always maintained that she died from falling over on a girls’ night out.

His dad Patrick, 55, told Free Radio hopes were high of an acquittal:

“I feel confident. As long as he gets a fair trial and an honest trial he’ll come home because he’s innocent and that’s what it’s all about.

“We’ve got eleven witnesses standing for him. Five or six of those there were there in Malia when it all happened. Friends of Chelsea and Luke. If they thought he was guilty they wouldn’t be standing for Luke. They know he’s innocent and the 11 of them are all standing for us”.

Luke Walker’s Dad, Patrick, speaks to Free Radio reporter Arran Bee about his feelings ahead of the trial:

Patrick and Luke’s brother Ryan will fly out to Heraklion to join Luke’s mother Lindy ahead of the trial starting on October 16th.

“It’s going to be an ordeal. We’re not looking forward it but we need to be here so we can get Luke up there to clear his name.

The Walker family have spent more than £100,000 supporting Luke,  remortgaging their house in the process.

They spent €15,000 to release him on bail after five months in a Greek prison. Conditions of his release stated that he was not allowed to leave the country.

Patrick Walker on the support of people in the Black Country:

Patrick, who runs Walker Electronics, said the support of people in the Black Country has been a great help.

“It’s been overwhelming how much they’ve done for us.

“Financially they’ve saved us. When it first broke we had a massive fundraiser organised by family and friends. We raised £20,000 at that one and from then on people have worked and raised money and I reckon we’ve hit £40,000 between everybody.

“Without that money and without the support of people ’round here, we would not have survived this and that’s a fact.”

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