Flooding in Warwickshire

What flood

See a video of a Free Radio listener driving through five feet of flood water in Kenilworth.

Martin Stenner from the Anthill 4×4 club sent us this video of him driving his 4×4 through deep flood water by Kenilworth Castle on Wednesday.

Another band of heavy rain and gale force winds is sweeping across the region on Thursday afternoon.

Warwickshire Police tell us they’ve implemented their severe weather contingency plan. They’ve been called out more than 100 times in the last 24 hours because of things like cars stuck in flood water.

Some schools closed this week because of storm or flood damage. You can check here to see if your school is closed on Monday

The bad weather caused delays on rail services through Coventry and between Rugby and Northampton.

Click here for the latest information from London Midland.

The Environment Agency also issued a number of flood alerts for rivers in Warwickshire. Click here for latest flood warnings

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