Floods Receding

Browns Worcester 2nd May 2012

Worcestershire businessman says he won’t let the floods beat him

There’s more rain forecast, but for the time being it looks like river levels in Herefordshire and Worcestershire have peaked.

And the Worcester businessman who’s just reopened Browns Restaurant alongside the River Severn says he won’t let the flooding beat him.

Last time Brian Hulme opened a pub it was the Swan Hotel in Upton Upon Severn… that was back in 2007 and eight weeks after they opened the place was underwater as Upton was hit by the worst flooding in living memory.

Five years on and Brian, who also runs the Kings Head at Sidbury and the Swan at Whittington, is now the co-owner of Browns. They reopened  only last week… and 6 days later the river flooded right outside their door.

But Brian’s told Free Radio everything is fine inside and from Wednesday night it’s business as usual.

Looking at Browns from the river bridge you’d think they were flooded, but in fact it’s just the footpath and terrace outside. The entrance is on Quay Street, well above the water line, and inside everyone is keeping their feet dry!


In Herefordshire the Wye and Lugg are expected to peak on Wednesday night. Some low lying roads in Hoarwithy & Marden have been closed because of flooding.

In Peterchurch, Fairfield High School was shut on Tuesday because flooding from the Dore made roads around the school impassable. Fire crews were called when a minibus carrying children to the school became stranded in the flood. All the children escaped unharmed.

Click here for the latest flood warnings for Herefordshire & Worcestershire from the Environment Agency

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