Godiva Awakes in Coventry

Lady Godiva

A six metre tall Lady Godiva led parades and celebrations in Coventry this weekend.

As London 2012 starts across the UK, Coventry held its own celebrations on the 28th and 29th of July.

Dancers, actors and muscians were joined by 220 young people in a carnival parade around the city centre.

At the heart of it was a six metre tall, fully moving, puppet of Lady Godiva.

The iconic Coventry citizen (in this instance fully dressed) has now been hooked up to a giant peddle powered machine called the ‘Cyclopedia’ and is enroute to London as part of the Olympic Games celebrations.



Jane Hytch, Director of Imagineer Productions who made the puppet said:

“She carries the spirit of the city with her and we are all so excited – and emotional – that the time for her awakening is finally upon us.

“A lot of work has gone in to this project and a lot of performers, artists, funders, supporters, creators, designers, crafters and helpers have enabled us to get to this stage.

“I am sure we will do them  – and our own vision for Godiva – proud and her legacy will remain for the people of Coventry.”

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