Gold Post Box For Ellie

gold post box 3

Walsall’s Paralympic champion Ellie Simmond’s has now got her very own gold post box.

Ellie won her first gold of the London games on Saturday in the S6 400m freestyle, and picked her home town of Aldridge for the post box.

The 17 year old broke a world record then and another one in the heats of the 200m individual medley SM6 on Monday.

Ellie’s fans stood out from 9am to watch the red box being turned gold.

They told us that she’s an inspiration and a hero to all of them in Aldridge.

She’s also got the S6 50m freestyle on Tuesday and the S6 100m freestyle on Saturday so there could be more medals on the way.

Ellie's cousin Michelle celebrates

Ellie’s family are fully behind her, and have loved being a part of her Paralympic experience.

Cousin Vicky said, “We’re so privileged to be part of it.

“Family have travelled from all over to be there to celebrate with her, I think she was pleased to have us all there.”

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