More Heavy Rain and Flooding

flooding Worcester Dec 2012

It looks like the West Midlands is in for a soggy Christmas

Once again parts of Warwickshire and Herefordshire & Worcestershire are worst affected.

There  are Flood Warnings on the River Leam at Leamington, on the Severn & Avon in Worcestershire, and on the Wye in Herefordshire.

In Worcester the Environment Agency says the Severn is the highest it’s been since January 2008. (see their pic above)

In Hereford the Wye is the highest it’s been for years:

Many roads in Herefordshire & Worcestershire are affected by flooding.

Click here to check for roads closed by flooding in Herefordshire

The flood gates are closed in Upton Upon Severn and temporary flood barriers have gone up in Shrewsbury and Bewdley with many roads are affected by flooding – click here for details

Flooding is affecting some bus routes in Worcestershire – click here for more details

This picture of flooding at the Severn View Hotel in Worcester is from the Environment Agency



Weather forcasters are warning of more heavy rain over the Christmas break. See what it’s like where you live.



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