Luke Walker Bailed Home


A Brierley Hill man, who’s gone on trial in Crete accused of killing his girlfriend, is being allowed home for the first time in over 2 years.

Luke Walker, 24, has always denied killing Chelsea Hyndman, who died on the Greek Island after being taken to hospital complaining of stomach pains in May 2010.

Prosecutors there say the 20-year-old from Castleford, West Yorkshire was beaten up but Walker insists she fell during a night out in Malia where the couple were working as bar staff.

The court sat for less than an hour before adjourning because key prosecution witnesses had not been summoned. The Greek lawyer representing Walker asked the judge to grant him bail back to the UK, which was granted as long as they paid €10,000. His previous bail conditions meant he couldn’t leave Crete.

Speaking after the hearing Luke Walker said:

“I expected the trial to go ahead today – I thought this would be it now,”

“I haven’t even thought about what I’ll do when I get home. It hasn’t crossed my mind.

“All I want to do is clear my name.

“It’s been a nightmare; horrible. Work has been difficult, I can’t get jobs.

“But my family and friends have been amazing and really supported me. I can’t thank them enough.”

Free Radio spoke to his dad Patrick, who was in court for the hearing. He told us that the judge’s decision came as a massive shock to them:

“We weren’t expecting this at all. It’s just totally out of the blue. We were ready for the case to go over the next few weeks.”

“The only downside is it’s still going to happen sometime, although we can now come home and live a normal life, at the end of it, it’s still the trial.

“We’ll try and get on with some kind of normal life but still knowing that this (the trial) is going to come one day, we’re not going to walk away, he wants to clear his name.”

You can listen to our interview with Patrick Walker from Crete below:

Chelsea’s mother Heather Hyndman was in the public gallery for the short hearing.

Before Walker was granted bail, she said:

“Every morning I wake up and I know that I am not going to be able to see her and touch her and then I just tell myself ‘you can get through this day’.

“If you do manage to laugh then you feel guilty because how can you be feeling happy when your daughter is not with you?”

A new date for the trial hasn’t been set yet.

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