Luke Walker Trial To Start Over Girlfriend’s Death

Luke Walker

A 24-year-old Brierley Hill man denies killing Chelsea Hyndman while they were on holiday in Malia in 2010.

A man from the West Midlands is due to go on trial in Greece charged with murdering his girlfriend on the holiday island of Crete.

Waitress Chelsea Hyndman, of Castleford, West Yorkshire, died after she was admitted to hospital in Heraklion with abdominal pains in May 2010.

Greek prosecutors say her boyfriend, Luke Walker, 24, from Brierley Hill, near Dudley, attacked her, inflicting the fatal injuries. But Walker denies murder, saying Ms Hyndman fell following a night out in the resort town of Malia, Crete, where they both lived and worked in bars.

Two post-mortem examinations have been carried out on the 20-year-old’s body, evidence from which is expected to play a key role in the trial at Heraklion Mixed Court.

Walker was held on remand for five months and is currently on bail and cannot leave the island.

Luke’s brother Ryan told Free Radio: “He’s only a young lad, so he’s obviously very anxious at the minute.

“I’m proud of him though, he’s coping really well. What’s on his mind and what he’s gone through would affect a lot of people, but he’s doing really well.

“It’s on your mind every day, all day. We just want some normality”.

The first stage of the trial was originally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. But a strike by Greek judges means the court will only sit for one day, and a date for further hearings has yet to be set.

Ms Hyndman’s mother Heather Hyndman said the loss of her daughter has left a horrendous gap in her life. Heather Hyndman, 47, of Castleford, said no verdict could ever bring her daughter back.

“Chelsea, she just loved life, loved her friends, loved going out at the weekends, going to work, going to the gym, driving lessons, a typical 20-year-old.

“Every morning I wake up and I know that I am not going to be able to see her and touch her and then I just tell myself ‘you can get through this day’. If you do manage to laugh then you feel guilty because how can you be feeling happy when your daughter is not with you? It’s just the worst thing that could possibly happen to a mother.”

She said she has had tremendous support from family and friends and is reassured that the case will be heard by a judge.

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