Men Cleared of Riots Murders

Haroon Jahan Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir all lost their lives in the Birmingham riots

Eight men have been cleared of the murders during the riots in Birmingham last year.

Haroon Jahan, Abdul Musavir and Shazad Ali were knocked down by cars on Dudley Road in Winson Green during the disorder in August, whilst protecting their neighbourhood from looters.

Eight denied the murders, which the prosecution allege was a modern-day equivalent of a “chariot charge” involving three cars in the early hours of August 10th.

However, a jury found them not guilty at Birmingham Crown Court.

After the verdicts, trial judge Mr Justice Flaux appealed for calm on the streets of Birmingham and urged the community to respect the jury’s findings.

“On any view this has been a terrible case – a tragic and pointless loss of three young lives,” he said.

“However, by their verdicts the jury have decided that this was not a deliberate killing, that there was no plan to kill these three young men.

“The jury have decided that this was a terrible accident.”

The judge, who said the deaths occurred at a time of “unparalleled” civic disorder, added: “It is important that however strong feelings are within the community in Winson Green and adjacent areas, that calm is maintained and that these verdicts are respected.

“Any other action would not be honouring those who died. In fact quite the reverse. What happened on the stre

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