More Cancellations On London Midland


More than 60 trains won’t run on Tuesday because of a shortage of drivers.

63 London Midland trains will be disrupted on Tuesday (October 23rd) because of a shortage of drivers.

Passengers have reported cancellations for more than two weeks.

London Midland tell us it will be the middle of December before services get back to normal.

A statement on their website says: “Whilst the shortfall itself should be addressed by mid-December, we are working hard to ensure the impact on our passengers in the meantime is kept to an absolute minimum. On most days we hope to run a full service.

We have a dedicated team focusing on delivering the train service on a day by day basis and as a result we have been able to run a near-normal timetable on all but a few days, compensating for the shortage with drivers who have volunteered for overtime.”

Anyone delayed for more than 30 minutes because of these delays is eligible to claim compensation through:

London Midland cancellations for Tuesday, October 23rd:


towards Birmingham

0811 Coventry-Birmingham New St
0917 Birmingham Intl-Birmingham New St
1017 Birmingham Intl-Birmingham New St
1246 London Euston-Birmingham New St terminates at Northampton
1313 London Euston-Birmingham New St terminates at Coventry
1455 Northampton-Birmingham New St starts at Coventry
1717 Birmingham Intl-Birmingham New St
1648 London Euston-Birmingham New St terminates at Northampton
1817 Birmingham Intl-Birmingham New St
2011 Coventry-Birmingham New St
2111 Coventry-Birmingham New St

from Birmingham

0713 Birmingham New St-Coventry
0839 Birmingham New St-Birmingham Intl
0853 Birmingham New St-London Euston starts at Coventry
0939 Birmingham New St-Birmingham Intl
1213 Birmingham New St London Euston terminates at Coventry
1213 Birmingham New St London Euston restarts at Northampton (1325)
1333 Birmingham New St-Northampton
1513 Birmingham New St-London Euston starts at Rugby
1533 Birmingham New St-London Euston starts at Northampton
1639 Birmingham New St-Birmingham Intl
1739 Birmingham New St-Birmingham Intl
1913 Birmingham New St-Coventry
2013 Birmingham New St-Coventry
2053 Birmingham New St-London Euston starts at Northampton
2153 Birmingham New St-Northampton

Lichfield-Redditch via Birmingham New St

from Redditch/Longbridge

0654 Longbridge-Four Oaks terminates at New St
1002 Longbridge-Lichfield
1057 Redditch-Lichfield terminates at Birmingham New St
1322 Longbridge-Four Oaks starts at New St
1604 Longbridge-Lichfield terminates at New St
1827 Redditch-Lichfield starts at New St
2157 Redditch-Lichfield terminates at New St

from Lichfield/Four Oaks

0747 Four Oaks-Redditch starts at New St
0850 Lichfield-Longbridge terminates at New St
1113 Lichfield-Longbridge starts at New St
1213 Lichfield-Longbridge terminates at New St
1705 Lichfield-Redditch
2336 Blake St-Birmingham New St

Wolverhampton/Birmingham New St to Walsall/Rugeley

Download the Wolverhampton-Birmingham timetable
Download the Rugeley-Birmingham timetable

from Rugeley/Walsall

1531 Walsall-Wolverhampton
2035 Rugeley Trent Valley-Birmingham New St

from Wolverhampton/Birmingham

1420 Wolverhampton-Walsall terminates at New St
1649 Wolverhampton-Walsall starts at New St
1917 Birmingham New St-Rugeley Trent Valley


from Coventry

0612 Coventry-Nuneaton
0706 Coventry-Nuneaton
0804 Coventry-Nuneaton
0906 Coventry-Nuneaton
1042 Coventry-Nuneaton
1142 Coventry-Nuneaton
1242 Coventry-Nuneaton

from Nuneaton

0637 Nuneaton-Coventry
0737 Nuneaton-Coventry
0828 Nuneaton-Coventry
0930 Nuneaton-Coventry
1115 Nuneaton-Coventry
1215 Nuneaton-Coventry
1315 Nuneaton-Coventry

Birmingham Snow Hill services

from Worcester/Stourbridge

1725 Stourbridge Jct-Leamington Spa terminates at Snow Hill
2055 Stourbridge Jct-Whitlocks End starts at Snow Hill
2152 Worcester Shrub Hill-Leamington Spa

from Stratford/Leamington/Dorridge

1902 Leamington Spa-Worcester Shrub Hill
1926 Stratford-upon-Avon-Stourbridge Jct terminates at Snow Hill

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