New Birmingham Library

Birmingham Library

Take a tour of the building taking shape in Centenary Square.

The new Library of Birmingham will open on Tuesday 3rd September 2013.

The £188m building is taking-shape in Centenary Square, and set to be completed on time and under budget.

Work began at the start of 2010 and was expected to take three years to finish.

The library, which will replace the old Central Library, has been touted as the greatest library in the world.

Take a virtual tour below…

The “flythrough” video starts outside the building, then moves inside through the foyer which will connect to the Birmingham Repetory Theatre.  It then enters the lower ground floor, which will house the children’s and music libraries, and into the outdoor amphitheatre., which will host different performances which can be viewed from above on Centenary Square itself.

Mike Whitby, leader of Birmingham City Council, says it is a tantalising look at what will become one of the city’s iconic buildings:

“With the flythrough people can get a real sense of how our world-class new Library will look and feel inside and out. We want to provide a ‘people’s palace’ for people of all ages, offering the diverse communities across the city and beyond a library to truly be proud of.

“This flythrough further demonstrates our vision of transforming the city’s library and archives services, providing a culturally significant destination for the 21st century.”


As part of the launch, people in Birmingham are being given the chance to pick the first book on the shelves.

More than 1.5m books are being transferred from the old Central Library building, which will fill 66,000 crates and take six months to physically move.

To nominate a book, tweet a suggestion to @libraryofbham (using the hashtag #LoB1stbook) with a reason for why you are suggesting it.

Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby has become the first to suggest a book – Lord of the Flies, by William Golding – and he told Free Radio why:

“I first read it as a young man, and what certainly impressed me as an aspiring politician/public servant was Golding’s portrayal of how the thin veneer of civilization is – and how watchful we need to be to preserve our democracy.”

An official opening ceremony is now being planned for the autumn next year, which will form part of a festival of celebration called Discovery.

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