‘No Job Cuts’ at Peugeot

Last Peugeot Car Rolls Off The Production Line

Coventry car firm Peugeot have told us they are bringing more jobs to the city, not axing them.

The company have been speaking to Free Radio after reports that cuts could be made at its sites in Tile Hill and Stoke.

Bosses are planning on merging some departments with sister-company Citroen later this year.

Managers say the changes will actually mean around a 100 jobs will be moved to Coventry from Slough.

Peugeot stopped making cars at Ryton back in 2006, axing around 5,000 jobs.

Its parent company has got debts of around £2.8bn, which meant it had to cancel plans to move its parts facility in Tile Hill to a new site at Ryton.

Roger Maddison from the Unite Union said current staff are still very wary:

“If we’re going to employ more people in Coventry it means they are getting rid of people in Slough.

“They will actually be employing fewer people as a company.

“They have sacked 5,000 people over the last 10 years in Coventry, they do owe us a few jobs I suppose.”

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