Parents Of Stillborn Baby Speak Out

Lesley Broughton

A couple from Birmingham, who’s baby was delivered stillborn, after hospital failings have been speaking about their ordeal.

Lesley Broughton and her partner Jason Ham from Kings Norton lost baby Ford in October 2010.

He died of brain damage after being starved of oxygen because staff at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch didn’t act quickly enough.

Lesley says she thought she was going to die after losing so much blood. She claims midwives waited for over two hours before sending her for an emergency caesarean, despite baby Ford’s heart rate dropping.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has admitted to failings in its care and has reached an out-of-court settlement with the family.

The 31-year-old mum-of-two said: “Ford was mine and Jason’s first child together and we were so excited to welcome him to the family.

“My other children couldn’t wait to meet him; so when Jason had to go back to our home and tell them they wouldn’t ever see him and I was poorly in hospital, it broke their hearts too.

“We were disgusted by the way we were treated and determined to get justice for Ford. We welcome the apology but nothing could bring him back or make up for the pain we continue to suffer.

“We just hope more than anything that improvements on the ward have been made as it will give us a tiny piece of hope that Ford’s death was not completely in vain.”

A statement from the Trust said: “Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust apologises for the failings in care given to Ford and his family.  The Trust has admitted responsibility and offered a full apology to the family for Ford’s death.

“The Trust is pleased that a financial settlement has now been reached with his family and extends its condolences during what would continue to be a difficult time for Ford’s family.”

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