Plane Skids Off Runway In Birmingham

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport had to be closed on Friday afternoon after a plane skidded-off the runway.

Monarch Flight ZB467 touched-down around 1:10pm on Friday and ended-up in the grass as it made its way back to the terminal.

One passenger on board described how the plane did a ‘rally slide’ onto the grass.

The airport are calling it a ‘minor incident’ and emergency services went to the scene as a precaution but nobody was injured.

Some flights were diverted to East Midlands and Liverpool. The airport reopened around two hours later.

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Monarch have given us this statement:

“It is understood that the flight operating on an Aurela Boeing 737-300 aircraft registration LY-SKA with 135 passengers onboard left the runway whilst taxiing to the terminal, bringing the aircraft to a stop.

“Passengers have now safely disembarked from the aircraft and have been coached to the terminal where they are being cared for by Monarch Airline staff. At this time we understand that no passenger or crew have sustained any injuries.

“Monarch apologies to all passengers on-board and is offering them all possible assistance. Monarch is working with Birmingham Airport to move the aircraft and is fully assisting with the authorities.

“We have suspended the use of Aurela Airlines.”

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