Police: ’20 Phones Stolen Every Day’


Around 20 mobiles a day are being reported stolen to West Midlands Police.

That’s despite a drop in crimes like muggings, but police tell us pickpocketing’s becoming more of a problem and that thieves are going into pubs and clubs looking specifically for items that are left unattended.

As part of a new campaign, officers are now visiting shopping centres and universities across the region to warn people about this and give them advice to avoid them becoming a victim of crime.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Parsons, who was at Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Brierley Hill earlier, told us it’s easy to avoid:

“Crime is falling but we need to do more to keep driving crime down. We’re asking for members of the public to give us their support in making it more difficult for offenders to commit this crime by taking some simple crime prevention measures.

“We know they’re are individuals that will go out intentionally to look for phones that have been left unattended. We need to people to look after their property and make sure that they take all the necessary precautions to ensure it’s not easy for thieves.”

West Midlands Police are among the forces supporting a website that people can register with to make sure that if their phone is stolen it can still be tracked by police and insurers. You can find it here.

They also recommend downloading apps on smart phones that can track your phone.

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