Police Adverts to Stop Rape

Adverts against rape will be put up in pubs clubs trains and buses around the West-Midlands

West Midlands Police are releasing a series of adverts trying to stop people committing rapes or sexual assaults.

Posters will be put up in pubs, club, as well as on trains and buses, targeting sex offenders who do not believe they have done anything wrong.

The “no excuse” campaign is fronted by “Louise”, who was raped in a park in Walsall by a man who then acted as if he had done nothing wrong.

In a video interview, she says that victims should never feel like they are the ones to blame:

“I knew straight away that I had not done anything; I had not warranted it.

“There is all this stuff going on at the moment about how, if you are drunk you are asking for it, and it is not the case at all.

“I was not drunk.  I had had a few drinks, but there is no crime in being drunk – there is a crime in being raped.”

On average, 40 rapes are reported to West Midlands Police every week, with almost half (224 of 453 this year) taking place in the home.

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Hyde, who leads the team of officers who investigate sexual assaults, said:

“Much of the time offenders do not even realise what they have done is a crime and are almost delusional about what has happened.

“They think because their victim does not say ‘no’ or does not physically try to resist the attack, that they are therefore consenting to sex, but that is absolutely no excuse.”

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