Police Petrol-Bombed


A police officer is in hospital, after having a petrol-bomb thrown at him in Handsworth.

The officer sustained burns to his hands, after being called out to a dispute between neighbours on Onibury Road at 5.30am on Wednesday 8th August.

The reports they had described a resident’s front door being damaged by a neighbour acting aggressively.

When they arrived, a man threw a petrol-bomb (believed to have been made by draining fuel from a nearby car) towards them.

The officers took cover, but one was hit and left with burns – although his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Armed police were immediately called-out and surrounded the property, leading to the arrest of a 43 year old man shortly afterwards.

West Midlands Police Chief Inspector Paul Marriott said they handled the situation well, despite it escalating quickly:

“Thankfully it does not appear the officer was seriously hurt and the situation was brought under control very quickly by officers at the scene, supported by armed reponse officers.

“However, the situation illustrates the bravery of our officers who attend incidents every day to protect the public without knowing exactly how the situation might pan out.”

Fire crews were also called to the scene, and some homes evacuated, as police officers searching the suspect’s home noticed a strong smell of gas.

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