Shrewsbury Town Fire


Match abandoned following generator fire.

Shrewsbury Town’s match against Port Vale was abandoned last night, following a fire in an electrical substation in the Main Stand.

Fans at Greenhous Meadow had to be evacuated after the floodlights went out on 64 minutes.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue confirmed the fire was extinguished by fire fighters with breathing equipment.

No-one was hurt.

Shrewsbury Fire Station manager Russell Hales was the first fire fighter there. He told Free Radio: “As I approached the stadium I could see they’d opened one of the doors underneath the East Stand and smoke was clearly visible as I arrived.

“They’d done everything right and shut the doors in the actual room, so that had held it back.”

Shrewsbury were leading 1 – 0 at the time, thanks to a goal from James Collins.

Town say a new date for the game will be announced as soon as possible.

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