Wolverhampton Gymnast Makes History

2012 Summer Olympics Mens Gymnastics

Kristian Thomas part of first British team to win an Olympic medal for 100 years.

Wolverhampton’s Kristian Thomas and his team-mates have become the first British gymnasts to win an Olympic medal in the team event since 1912.

Watched in the crowd by Princes William and Harry, the 23-year-old nailed his final performance to put Team GB into third place.

Thomas, along with Louis Smith, Max Whitlock, Daniel Purvis and Sam Oldham, briefly moved up into second, before an appeal over the scoring of one of the Japanese gymnasts pushed them down into the bronze medal position.

Speaking afterwards, Kristian said he and his team-mates just wanted to do their best:

“There was a massive amount of pressure on us but before we started floor, we grouped up and we just said ‘right, let’s just go out there and just do what we know we can do in training’.

“We really have been putting the hours in in the gym.

“It was more about just mentally switching of from what we were competing in and just trying to make it more like a controlled competition in our own environment and not competing for a medal at the Olympic Games and that seemed to work.

“The crowd really got behind us at the same time.

“They were like our extra team member.”

Kristian’s Dad Peter has told Free Radio he’s really proud, “They just keep making history at the moment, it says it all.

“I can’t say how proud we are, he seems on fire.

“It was nice just saying he was an Olympian but now he’s a medallist as well, it’s phenomenal. It’s exceptional.”

His coach from Earl’s Gymnastics Club in Halesowen Michelle Bradley is also so proud, “He’s done it, he’s made a name for himself in the gymnastics world.”

“Every gymnast’s dream is to get to the Olympics and we did it.”

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