Worcester Races Boycott


Horse racing at Worcester will go ahead without disruption this evening.

There’s an ongoing row about prize money, but trainers say there are no plans to boycott tonight’s races.

Last week it was a one horse race at Pitchcroft as all the trainers pulled out saying the winner’s prize isn’t as high as it should be.

They’re in talks with the owners of the racecourse at the moment, but say they may boycott the races again in the future, maybe even next week.

Charlie Mann is a trainer and is leading the protests, he doesn’t think it’s a lot of money for them to pay out, “It’s £1350 pounds today that’s all that it’s needed to raise. Something’s got to be done now we’ve had enough of it.

“We’ve had an offer already so hopefully there’s no need to do any boycotts, if we have to do another one then we will.

“There’s another meeting next week we’re in a position where we might do something for then.”

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