The Free Radio Phantom

The Free Radio Phantom has given away £35,000! Congratulations to the 13 people who managed to get their hands on a load of cash.

For weeks he’s had all of us across the West Midlands scratching our heads, question marks spotted everywhere from supermarket shelves to graffiti on the street. We loved it when George called us, she was really excited…

We’ve got a feeling the Free Radio Phantom might be coming back really soon

“I’ve enjoyed every second, and want to thank you for playing

I’ve met some lovely people, that I have very much enjoyed paying

Who I am will remain a secret, I’m sorry I can’t reveal my identity.

I have a feeling our paths will cross again soon, you see.”

Ask everyone “Are you the Free Radio Phantom?” If you don’t ask you can’t win.

How To Play

How To Play

Win your share of £30,000 by asking "Are you the Free Radio Phantom?"... and rules


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