Public File: Free Radio 80s (Coventry & Warwickshire)

Free Radio 80s (Coventry & Warwickshire), like each local commercial station in the UK has obligations with regard to its programmes, including its music and local content. These obligations are set out in the station Format which forms part of our Public File.

The Public File is just one indicator of our output.  Just ask us if you’d like a hard copy. If you have any comments on it, let us know or, if necessary, contact our regulator, Ofcom.


Except in special or exceptional circumstances (which may include some bank holiday periods,) the station broadcasts news bulletins hourly from 0700 until 0900 and from 1600 to 1800 weekdays, and from 0800 to 1000 weekends containing a mix of local/regional, national and world stories, along with sport, weather and entertainment news as appropriate.

Additionally, at other times, bulletins containing national and world news, prepared by Sky, are broadcast.

Some of the news stories we’ve carried recently

Our news pages online show some of our most recent stories – click here to read them

The news team is managed by the Group News Editor, Vicky Breakwell -  You can also contact the news team on or on 0121 566 5420.

The news operation is based at our studios in Birmingham for the most part.  From time to time, some content is prepared from other Bauer Radio Limited Midlands newsrooms.


The station broadcasts twenty four hours a day.  Music-intensive programmes comprise eighties music, features and conversation hosted by a range of presenters as listed on the main Free Radio website. There is also the Tom Ross Goalzone on Monday and Friday evenings.

Programme Production

Programming is generally automated apart from special programmes.

Local Programming

Except in special or exceptional circumstances, Free Radio 80s programmes are generally broadcast from Birmingham twenty four hours a day.


Guidelines on localness have been published by our regulator OFCOM, and are available here:


To contact the radio station generally, use our ‘contact us’ page and we’ll make every effort to reply to any emails which raise substantive issues.  Should you prefer to speak to programme management, please contact You can also contact the station during office hours on 0121 566 5200

Events/Charities support or coverage

Free Radio 80s (Coventry & Warwickshire) is the sister station to Free Radio FM (Coventry & Warwickshire) which stages several events and charity initiatives through the year.  Wherever possible, Free Radio 80s will play an additional support role to many of these such events and charity initiatives.

The station carries periodic campaigns featuring local events and charity activity.

Recent Programme and/or News Highlights

Our website covers much of the programming we’re proud of (general and, where appropriate, news). Click here to see our Free Radio 80s home page.

The station’s ongoing news agenda is highlighted above on the link to our news pages.


We aim that our radio stations belong to the areas they serve as much as they can. Any suggestions or thoughts on our output are always much valued.


Our output is Eighties music. Examples of some of the key artists are: U2, Tracy Chapman, The Cars, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Deacon Blue, Meatloaf, Depeche Mode, ABBA, The Police, Patrick Swayze, Bryan Adams, Everything But The Girl, Human League, The Housemartins, Blondie, Roxette,,Toto, Starship, Richard Marx, Wham and Human League.


As outlined at the head of this document, the station is governed by a Format, which forms part of our licence. Our Format is available here.

How to complain

Live, entertaining  radio always carries some risk.  We try to get things right, and not all programmes will be to everyone’s taste. Where we do make mistakes, we’ll try to take appropriate action as quickly as we can. Please do get in touch with any comments  – praise or complaints and we’ll consider them carefully. Contact us here

To speak to us directly, our weekday office hours phone numbers are above.  Should you have any difficulties, please speak to our Brand Programme Director, Mike Newman.

If you feel we have not taken the right action regarding a broadcast after contacting us, you may refer the matter to our regulator Ofcom.