Robbie Announces New Album


Robbie’s keeping busy at the moment, not only is he expecting a new baby any day now, he’s playing live dates around the UK this month and he’s just announced a new album.

The 9th CD from the former-Take That superstar will be called “Take The Crown”, and we’ll be able to get a copy of it before Christmas this year.

It will also feature another duet with long-time pal Gary Barlow, entitled ‘Candy’, which will be the first track from the new album.

Here are the rest of the titles on the CD:

  • 1. ‘Be A Boy’
  • 2. ‘Gospel’
  • 3. ‘Candy’
  • 4. ‘Different’
  • 5. ‘S**t On The Radio’
  • 6. ‘All That I Want’
  • 7. ‘Hunting For You’
  • 8. ‘Into The Silence’
  • 9. ‘Hey Wow Yeah Yeah’
  • 10. ‘Not Like The Others’
  • 11. ‘Losers’ (featuring Lissie)

Remember the last time Robbie and Gary teamed up?

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