UK’s biggest selling debut artist of 2016 is NOT who you’d expect


This will probably come as a shock to you but the UK’s biggest selling debut artist in 2016 wasn’t the likes of Zayn, Shawn Mendes or Jack Garratt, it was in fact lovable quiz show host Bradley Walsh.

Yep, you read that right. The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh sold a whopping 111,650 copies of his debut album ‘Chasing Dreams’, beating the likes of Zayn and Jack, AND it was only released in October 2016.


Zayn sold 65,208 copies of his debut solo album ‘Mind Of Mine’ and Jack Garratt sold 62,952 copies of his album ‘Phase’.

Not only that, Bradley’s album was also the nation’s 7th best selling album of the year!

‘Chasing Dreams’, features covers such as ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, ‘Mr Bojangles’ and ‘That’s Life’, and got into the top ten in December.

Speaking about the achievement at the time, Bradley said, “I’m thrilled and overwhelmed to be at number 10 and I’d just like to thank everyone concerned with making the album. Thank you Sony music for bringing the idea to me and to all lovers of proper tunes for buying it and for all the mums and nans out there; who would you rather have as a stocking filler, me or the Rolling Stones? It’s a no brainer!”