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You can read the terms and conditions attached to our Walk of Warwickshire event here.

Prior and during the event, walkers shall be responsible for their own safety and will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and will comply promptly with any safety or other instructions given by the event organisers or those helping.

Walkers must acknowledge that there will be traffic on the roads and they should observe all road safety rules

No animals are permitted to accompany any walker on the route.

Walkers should take responsibility for dressing appropriately for the route and for the weather conditions including clothing and footwear.

Although organisers will make every effort to supply necessary refreshments at stages on the route, it is advised that walkers bring something to drink and eat.

Should you choose to wear any sort of ‘fancy dress’, you should ensure it does not impede your vision or pose any other threat to your health or safety (e.g. dehydration)

We discourage walkers from bringing pushchairs with them, but appreciate family circumstances might dictate the need to bring them for small children and infants where it impossible for them to be left with others. In such circumstances, the parent or guardian must take responsibility for the safety of the chid and make every effort to cause no risk to other walkers.

Children under 16 years of age (on the date of the event) may participate in the event but must be accompanied along the route by a responsible adult who is also registered to participate in the event and does so.

Parents/guardians must be aware of the demands of this activity, and that they alone can make the decision about the ability of the child to complete the activity. Arrangements to get to and from the walk are wholly the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Those aged 16 and over may talk part in any part of the Walk of Warwickshire activity.

Walkers take part in this event at their own risk.

They must agree that they are in good physical condition and accept that this challenge may be strenuous and that the organisers take no liability for injuries or ill health resulting from, or exacerbated by, participation in this event.

Walkers accept that the organisers may, at any time during or before the event, terminate their participation if it is considered necessary for the health and safety of other walkers, and/or themselves or if they commit an illegal act.

The organisers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability during the event howsoever caused.

Walkers undertake to take notice of, and abide by, any further instructions or restrictions sent to them by the event organisers.

The event organisers reserve the right to refuse participation by any individual; and to cancel the event completely for all walkers on safety grounds.

Should any incident occur along the route, or before or after, walkers must report this immediately to a Walk of Warwickshire representative; and comply with any instructions given.

It is advisable that walkers take a mobile phone with them in case of emergency.

Walkers should take responsibility for their own welfare, including choosing when they should cease the walk should their health or safety suggest it would be wise. The organisers will make every reasonable effort to return walkers to a suitable point should the walker conclude the Walk of Warwickshire at an unforeseen point.

Walkers should comply with the route signage and not deviate from the agreed route.

Walkers acknowledge that this is a walking event and not a race.

Walkers are expected to complete the route in a reasonable time. Should the time taken be excessive, walkers must acknowledge that facilities provided for the event may no longer be available and they should accordingly cease participation.

Participants must agree to make every effort to collect the sponsorship monies as far as they are able and pay them over promptly in full to the Walk of Warwickshire fund.

Free Radio and its partners are covering the costs of the event.

Money donated to your Just Giving sponsorship page will be passed directly into the charity’s bank account. This cuts down on paperwork and makes the process of handling donations extremely efficient.*

*The online sponsorship pages at Just Giving have a small handling charge, details of which are available on the Just Giving site here

The organisers are committed to protecting the privacy of people entering the event. In order to manage and administer the event, the organisers must collect personal information on those people wishing to take part. This information includes:

Name – so that participants may be identified.
Address – so that information may be posted.
Age – to ensure that participants meet the minimum requirements for taking part.
Mobile phone number – so that information may be despatched via phone or text.

Those entrants wishing to do so may also make their information available to Mercia, the beneficiary charity and other partners of the event.

By opting in to this, participants are allowing these parties to send information to you about products and services that they think may be of interest. Parties may do this via post, phone, text and email.

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