Blow your mind with SciFest


Join University of Wolverhampton for a journey of discovery through stimulating and interactive events which are free and fun for all the family!

Scifest is a five day festival of science taking place at the University of Wolverhampton and runs up to this Saturday.  Its an opportunity to spend time with the University, enjoy a range of fantastic workshops, watch amazing presentations and take part in a variety of science and technology exhibits.

Shows include Tropical Inc’s Animal Friends  – Up close and personal with all kinds of amazing creatures as Tropical Inc bring their furry friends, and the scaly and slithery, to entertain and educate.

Think Tank’s Mobile Planetarium - The Earth & Beyond Take a journey through the solar system. Learn about the planets, the phases of the moon, and why we have seasons.

Medieval Medicine Step back in history to a time when surgery was crude, blunt and horribly painful, and when treatments included live frogs and body lice.

You can win a family ticket for 6 to see Dr Bunhead’s Pyromania Show - Blow your mind, pop your eyeballs, with front row tickets to see TV’s most extreme scientist.